Kimberly Davis, DC



As evidenced by permanent sports-bra tan lines earned through tens of thousands of miles running, biking and paddling all over North America, Dr. Davis understands the unique challenges of endurance athletes. She also understands firsthand how frustrating it is to be sidelined from the sport you love without proper guidance on how to get back out there.


Working as part of sports medicine teams for over a decade, Dr. Davis has dedicated her career to the study of clinical biomechanics and helping runners get back on the trails, improve their performance and enjoy running again. Tired of hearing her clients say they had been told not to run or that “running is bad for your knees” without any discussion about biomechanics, she launched RunLab in 2014 as a running-centric healthcare facility built entirely by, and for, runners.


Dr Davis and her team treat runners of every shape, size and experience level from all over the United States and have worked with Olympic & Junior Olympic gold medalists, National Champions, Elite and professional runners and triathletes, and every type of recreational runner imaginable, including brand new runners and those with special needs such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, and a variety of movement disorders.


The RunLab team loves to tackle any and all running-related issues, from performance limiters and efficiency problems to complex or confusing injuries that have garnered the dreaded “you should just take up cycling” statement from the medical world. RunLab has grown to earn the trust of thousands of runners through performance-centric treatment plans, full body gait analysis, and a fantastic treatment team of specialists who are all dedicated runners.


Dr. Davis is a huge advocate of multi-disciplinary care and her team will work closely with a client’s current physical therapist, medical doctor, or coach to collaborate on a care plan specific to the needs of the individual runner.




Dr. Davis graduated Cum Laude from the University of Western States in 2008. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in human biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Davis has undergone extensive specialized training in running biomechanics, movement pattern analysis, return-to-sport protocols, clinical gait analysis, and Active Release Therapy. As part of the University of Western States Research Department, Dr. Davis worked for several years as a treating clinician and rehabilitation specialist for NIH funded low back pain research studies on both adolescents and adults and has co-authored several publications on musculoskeletal injuries in the pediatric population. She also travels around the United States teaching and lecturing on gait evaluation and clinical biomechanics and enjoys helping personal trainers, coaches, and healthcare practitioners understand how to effectively utilize gait evaluation as an assessment tool.




In her late 20s, Dr. Davis moved from downhill mountain biking, cyclocross and mountaineering into the endurance world, at which time an old knee injury began to plague her training. After being told she should stop running altogether by an orthopedist in her early-30’s  (the impetus for starting RunLab), she promptly decided to increase her mileage, focus on her mechanics, fix her own knee, and prove a point.


Now, despite her hilariously bad swimming ability, she is a 4X Ironman and consistent podium finisher in triathlon and adventure racing.  She runs 60-80 miles per week, ran her first 18:56 5K at 42 years old and has not had knee pain or any other running-related injury in almost 10 years. Her favorite races are 24-72 hour adventure races involving mountain biking, trail running, bushwhacking and kayaking, all based around navigation through the backcountry with map and compass (why yes, it IS the greatest sport in the history of ever). She is passionate about making RunLab a home for runners of every shape, size and experience level and currently sits on the board of The Arc as well as an advisory committee for building fitness programs for special needs populations. In 2017 Dr Davis and her team helped the first Down syndrome runner complete the Austin 1/2 marathon and have since launched Kayleigh’s Club, one of the only special-needs running teams in the country.


Charles Fradella


Dr. Fradella was first introduced to the chiropractic field as a young athlete playing competitive hockey. The team doctor, a chiropractor, helped the athletes maintain peak performance through intense tournament weekends. Having experienced the incredible benefits of chiropractic himself, Dr. Fradella aspired to be that person for future generations of athletes. He graduated from the University of Western States with his Doctorate in Chiropractic while simultaneously earning his Master’s degree in Sports Medicine. He also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Performance from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2013, after which he earned the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist designation. While at UWS, Dr. Fradella spent time working with local high school, college, and CrossFit athletes both on the sidelines and in the clinical setting. Dr. Fradella believes in an evidence-based approach to patient care, utilizing chiropractic manipulative therapy, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitative exercises. As a lifelong athlete, the goal of his treatments is single-minded: to keep the body primed for competition and recreation for the duration of his patients’ lives. When not treating patients, Dr. Fradella is participating in all things sports — including climbing, skiing, road cycling, trail running, playing hockey, or any number of activities depending on the season and location. 

Travis Downen


Dr. Downen is originally from Renton, Wash. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Boise State University in 2015 and his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Franklin Pierce University in 2019. His running journey has not been an easy one; it has been one of hard work, consistency, and perseverance. Starting out in high school, he was years out of shape and overweight. He almost quit several times and had convinced himself that there was no way someone could run three miles without walking. He started with his high school cross country team dead last and near last in the entire district. Fast forward two years, and he was captain of a state champion cross country team. He finished seventh and 11th in track state championships and had a Division I scholarship to run. While his short collegiate athlete career at Boise State ended with burnout, the experience and love for running never died. It led to a passion for sports and exercise medicine. No matter where you are or where you want to be, Dr. Downen has been there. He knows what it takes to get better and achieve goals. Today, he’s an avid runner and assistant coach for Heritage High School’s cross country and track & field teams.


400 meters - 53.01

800 meters - 1:59.92

1600 meters - 4:19.98

3200 meters - 9:18.09

5k - 16:25.4

2011 Washington XC Team State Champion

11th in 1600m and 7th in 3200m at 2012 Washington T&F State Championships


Jenn Grubb


Jenn Grubb, AKA "The Jenneral" has been a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness coach for over 20 years. The manager and head coach of BodyVision Arrowhead since inception, she never imagined her passion would turn into such a rewarding career. As an athlete in college, fitness came naturally. As an adult she found passion for Spartan obstacle course racing, NPC figure competitions and all types of 5k, 10k & 1/2 marathon races. Jenn wants everyone to find their inner athlete, regardless of age or experience level, and is known for her drive to inspire members to find their best self. 


Certified Personal Trainer, NASM.  Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor, AFAA.  Fitness Nutrition Certificate, NESTA. Certified ZUMBA, TurboKickboxing, PILOXING, TotalBody TABATA

B.S. in Psychology.

Chris is an energetic and passionate personal trainer who has had a wide range of clientele, from professional athletes to those looking to start living a healthier lifestyle for the first time. Chris has earned a degree in kinesiology and he understands the science behind what he teaches. He uses that knowledge to ensure all clients achieve their goals and come out understanding their own bodies a little bit more than when they came in. He emphasizes proper form during each exercise to improve results, while also reducing injury risk. He uses his passion for exercise to excite his clients and motivate them to reach their full potential.


NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Speed and Agility Coach, CPR certified
Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University

Chris R.


Uriah is a life-long and accomplished athlete with a passion for health and fitness. Uriah earned his NASM certification three years ago and has since been laser focused on becoming the best personal and group fitness coach he can be. Through the use of energetic motivation and positive encouragement during his classes, Uriah has a long list of clientele across all fitness levels. Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to boost your current performance, or a beginner learning how to perform each exercise, Uriah will adapt the workouts to fit your specific needs and intensity level so you can achieve an unmatched level of fitness. Uriah is extremely passionate about health and fitness and looks forward to changing as many lives as possible through the power of fitness.

Uriah W.




Scott Murphy Halasz


As a little kid, Dr. Halasz wanted to be a stunt man. After four years of swimming for Indiana, followed by Physical Therapy school at Virginia Commonwealth University, he landed his first physical therapy job by jumping onto a Swiss ball and simultaneously juggling. With his extensive knowledge of running and swimming biomechanics, he is a perfect addition to the RunLab team, where he is the current balance board record holder and inventor of tricks that involve kids, dogs, broomsticks, dental floss, and other household items. Unfortunately, perfecting his bag of tricks has meant testing his limits frequently, landing him an ER punch-card in his early days. Injuries to date include: stitches to the head, wrist, thumb, foot, and back, two broken ribs, wrist, ankle, talus, and two fingers; chipped teeth more than 10 times; multiple sprained ankles, both thumbs, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, IT band syndrome, strained hamstrings, patellar tendinopathy, sprained MCL, and bilateral shoulder labral tears. Each injury has been a learning experience and a way to better understand his clients and how compensation patterns develop, making him one of the best physical therapists in Texas when it comes to treating athletes. Now, as a father of three, a 2000 and 2004 U.S. Swimming Olympic Trials participant, Ironman, NCAA All-American, swim coach and veteran physical therapist, he goes to the ER much less often. Dr. Halasz still competes in local triathlons, running races and can be found pushing a stroller around town, swimming at Deep Eddy, throwing a Frisbee at Zilker, Kitesurfing on Lake Belton, or perfecting his Kermit the Frog imitation.


Verity Stow


Dr. Stow grew up in Langley, BC, Canada. She graduated from the University of Western States with a Doctor of Chiropractic and Masters of Sports Medicine. Dr. Stow is a certified full body Active Release Technique (ART) provider. This has given her the familiarity and hands on experience to treat biomechanical and musculoskeletal issues in an efficient and effective manner.  Dr. Stow has always been enthusiastic about a variety of sports and outdoor activities. Before becoming a DC, Dr. Stow competitively show jumped horses nationally and internationally.  While in school, Dr. Stow switched from being a full-time athlete to a weekend warrior.  Her favorite weekend activities were bagging hikes, summits, and climbing routes. Due to these experiences, she understands the high-level stress and high standards required of athletes at all levels. Dr. Stow relates to frustrations of having to “sit one out” as she has had her fair share of injuries related and unrelated to working with horses. This gave Dr. Stow the passion to help people avoid biomechanical issues that cause injuries, and to achieve their goals in sports and life.  If Dr. Stow is not working hard in the office or on the sidelines, then you’ll find her with her various pets, hiking, running and/or rock climbing. If you have any questions, ask! She is always happy to share her knowledge and/or talk about various adventures.


Grant Bower


Born and raised in State College, Pennsylvania, Dr. Bower earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Penn State University and his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at the University of Pittsburgh. During his undergraduate and graduate careers, Dr. Bower was a student athlete in cross-country, track and field, and triathlon. During Dr. Bower’s studies, he gained experience working in the UPMC medical system in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, he was exposed to a variety of orthopedic injuries and worked with several professional athletes. His clinical expertise includes treating orthopedic injuries of the spine, hip, and lower extremity, as well as running injuries. Since beginning his Physical Therapy career, he has become a certified manual therapist, as well as a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS).  Since moving to Austin in 2018, Dr. Bower has engrossed himself in the running community. He is a member of the Austin marathon pacing team and paced the 3:20 group the last two years. When he isn’t working or running, Dr. Bower enjoys traveling, eating, and generally being active. Despite living a mostly healthy lifestyle, Dr. Bower does enjoy indulging in some of the local favorites such as Pinthouse Pizza, Whataburger, Taco Joint, and Lazarus Brewing. Some of his hobbies include competing in races, cycling, backpacking, watching Penn State football games (We Are!), and, of course, playing with his Alaskan Malamute, Rocky.


Yao Yao


Yao Yao “YoYo” was born in Hang Zhou, China, known for its dragon well tea and natural beauty. She has been living in the U.S. for eight years and recently moved to Austin from Dallas-Fort Worth. Yao Yao is highly trained and experienced in sports and human performance massage. She is board certified Clinical Rehabilitation Massage from NCBTMB, and certified in orthopedic sports massage from Whitney Lowe, and trained sports injury & orthopedic massage from James Waslaski. She is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) and a Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She is Rocktape FMT certified in IASTM, Kinesio-taping, Myofasical Cupping, and a compressional band and movement specialist.  Yao Yao has worked with a variety of recreational and professional athletes and is very excited to join RunLab family. Yao Yao loves sharing tea arts and culture, playing the Gu Qin and practicing Muay Thai in Thailand. Most days you can find her enjoying a cup of 茶, Chá(tea) at the West China Tea House in Austin.


John Love


John graduated from Texas State University Magna Cum Lade with a Bachelors in Exercise Sport Science and a minor in how to be awesome. In addition to extensive work in clinical biomechanics and sports rehab, John has worked as part of large physical therapy and sports training facilities, in-patient care (ICU and PCU), physical therapy research, and out-patient orthopedic teams for over 5 years. John loves working with the pediatric running population and has donated extensive time to research projects surrounding motor learning, social skills, and cognitive retention in children with Autism. He works closely with UT’s Texas 4000 cycling team, helping to develop training and injury prevention plans for University of Texas students each year who ride bikes from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska while raising money for cancer research. John has an extensive competitive background in Tennis, Golf, Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Track with two district championships in both tennis and golf, and a regional championship in baseball to his name. He currently spends every spare moment on his mountain bike and hopes that RunLab will change the color of the racing kits soon to something not quite so…hot pink.


Colby McCune


I was raised in Manhattan, Kansas as an avid Kansas State Wildcat football fan. I fell in love with running at 10 years old when I signed up for my first road race. It was a 2-mile road race on St. Patty’s day, I won my age group and after that I was hooked on running. I relocated to Texas at the age of 12 and was lucky enough to be a part of a great cross-country program at Boerne High School. I was a part of two team cross country state titles and in my final year my team won the national championship. This experience fostered my love for running and gave me the opportunity to compete at the college level. I attended Stephen F. Austin State University on a track scholarship and majored in Kinesiology. Each summer I work with high school kids as a running camp counselor because I’m passionate about giving back to the youth and using the sport of running as a catalyst to develop character and a healthy lifestyle. I consider myself a running nerd and love reading about the science and history of the sport. These days I still run and compete at the highest level that I can with the goal of qualifying for the US Olympic Trials in 2020. If I’m not running then I’m probably watching MMA and or listening to Hip Hop.


Known for his charm and average looks, he is most recognized for his work at the Texas State Fair, placing top 10 in his age group at the slam dunk contest and landing a third-place finish at the pie eating contest, earning him the highly coveted title of Pie-Mageddon. On the track, Lucas is a five-time collegiate All-American (indoor and outdoor track & field), holds two high school state championships in the 800 meter, a top 3 finish at the Outdoor NAIA national championships, two USA Indoor Championship qualifications, multiple middle-distance records for the CMU Eagles, and a personal best of 1:48.43 in the 800 meter. Off the track, Lucas is an accomplished piano and trombone player, triathlete, adventure racer and accountant who enjoys spending his time reading about how to brew beer, stamping things with his newly acquired Notary Public stamp, and leading RunLab’s  Tuesday night meetup group: The Speedshop Mafia.

Lucas Manring



Trey is relatively new to the world of running and endurance sports. He hobbled into RunLab in late 2016 while training for his first marathon and never really left. Today, he has dozens of races under his belt and has fallen in love with ultra distance trail running. Trey recently completed his first 100 mile race at last year’s Leadville 100 and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. When he’s not out running, he can be found loving life with his wife, Whitney, and their pups, Hashbrown and Moonpie. He is a huge fan of The Office, Harry Potter, chips and salsa, and sweet tea. Trey’s guilty pleasures include hot dogs, Big Brother, and the Gilmore Girls. Say hi if you see him out on the trail! 

Trey Simcik