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PHYZIO grew from Austin-based RunLab, a gait diagnostic and motion analysis company. PHYZIO builds on RunLab's industry-leading biomechanics expertise with the addition of fitness and nutritional programs. Find us in Austin and Phoenix. Virtual gait analysis services are available at from anywhere in the U.S.


We focus on you as an individual every step of the way. 


Our goal is to help you understand your unique range of motion, body structure, strengths, and everything you need to know about your body to move better. Whether you're working through an injury while training for a marathon, or just trying to get up off the couch again, there's a place for you here. Through our fitness, nutrition, biomechanics, physical therapy and massage services, we strive to help all our clients understand their bodies, work through injuries, prevent injuries, and move more efficiently. 


PHYZIO offers a fitness and medical space that can help you move better, feel better, and live better.

You aren't built like everyone else, so why are you trying to move like everyone else?


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